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Passion Driven Employee February, 2021

Healing Care Hospice would like to acknowledge Anthony Morales as February’s Passion Driven Employee. Morales has been working at Healing Care Hospice since January of 2018. His dedication to his role has impacted our office in numerous ways.


Who is Anthony Morales?

As a team coordinator, or “TC” he plays an integral role in day-to-day operations and training all new coordinators. Our TC’s help with care coordination and undertake numerous important compliance tasks. Additionally, Morales provides administrative support to our staff to ensure that great care and excellent customer service is delivered to all our patients.

Not only are team coordinators the first voices you hear when you dial our contact number, but they also provide care coordination with our field staff and respond to critical situations. Morales coordinates with field staff for emergent, or unscheduled, visits and he also coordinates with our physicians, for example.


What Do People Have to Say About Anthony?

Dr. Adam Masood Dost, MD highly regards Morales as a leader.

“Anthony has been an outstanding employee and has answered my questions and other requests regardless of the time of the day. His professionalism, work ethic, and expeditious responses to my requests regarding patients has been extraordinary,” says Dost.

Morales has a cheerful demeanor and it leaves a lasting impression on all those who work alongside him. One of those employees is Emily Fuentes, a team coordinator who was trained by Morales this year.

“Anthony’s sense of humor and constant support made the rigorous training involved with doing this job less stressful,” said Fuentes.

Training can always seem intimidating, especially in healthcare and hospice care when the stakes are always high. While navigating end-of-life conversations and time-sensitive needs, Morales makes sure he is there for his team as a leader in his work ethic and vulnerability.

“I can reach out to Anthony with any questions because he always comes through! Either he has the answer, or he finds it and gets back to us,” said Fuentes.

Fuentes remembers a time when she was returning from feeling under the weather and Anthony offered to help coordinate the Interdisciplinary Group Meeting (IDG), which is a vital part or providing quality patient care and maintaining compliance with Medicare Conditions of Participation (COPs). His willingness to step in and share a workload that was not his direct responsibility meant a lot to Fuentes, as she was new to her position. She felt supported. She will always remember his effort to support her during her time of need.

Marily Hernandez, a registered nurse at Healing Care Hospice, knows that she can count on him to deliver results. Hernandez’s role requires her to be present during physically and emotionally demanding situations at end-of-life. She feels that Morales is passion-driven.

“He puts together our IDG and answers our email questions timely. He is one of the people I know I can count on. I know that when he responds, he’ll get the job done,” said Hernandez.

Morales’ personality brings an extra layer of cheer to the office as well. He is also quite the comedian and known for his one-liners that bring good laughs during check-in meetings.

Morales believes that Healing Care Hospice’s culture is very outgoing and festive. As a company, it is like a family that loves having fun but ensuring that excellent patient care comes first. He has goals of staying in the healthcare industry and is studying to become a registered nurse.

“As for the future, I hope to finish school and become an RN and eventually return to school to get a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree,” explains Morales.

Thank you, Anthony, for your skill, dedication, care and for sharing your ambitious dreams and inspiring those around you. We know you will achieve all of your goals and dreams in time.

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