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HCH Joins in Celebrating the Opening of SCAN’s Clinic at Clearwater at South Bay

HCH Joins in Celebrating the Opening of SCAN’s Clinic at Clearwater at South Bay

On May 2, 2024, Healing Care Hospice joined our colleagues on the SCAN Embrace team to celebrate...
Medi-cal for hospice. Health insurance for hospice. How to qualify for Medi-cal insurance for hospice.

Medi-Cal as it relates to Hospice Care

Medi-Cal is California’s low-income health care program. Hospice care patients can use Medi-Cal to help pay for...
Image of a nebulizer mask and text that reads "how to use a nebulizer".

How To Use A Nebulizer

Here are detailed step-by-step instructions and a video on how to use a nebulizer properly.
Home care nurse in pink scrubs assisting an elderly patient in a wheelchair

Hospice Care vs. Home Health Care vs. Home Care: What are the Benefits of Each?

The Benefits of Hospice Care Hospice care is focused on providing comfort and support at the end...
An elderly gentleman signing papers in front of a legal counsel

When is the Right Time for an Advanced Healthcare Directive or Living Will?

The best time to create an advanced healthcare directive or living will is when you are healthy...
A woman and a girl smiling and laughing with an elderly outdoors

What is Home Care and Why is it Important?

Home care typically refers to paid caregivers who are employed to take care of frail and elderly...
Elder hospice patient in a wheelchair smiling and holding the hand of an out of frame hospice care staff

Comparing the 4 Levels of Care in Hospice Care

Level 1: Routine Home Care (RHC)   Routine Home Care (RHC) encompasses hospice care that is provided...
Image of a woman and a little girl smiling and interacting with an elderly in a wheelchair outdoors

Hospice Care vs. Palliative Care

What is Pre-Hospice Palliative Care? There are some palliative care programs available in the healthcare community that...

A New Sense Of Gratitude – 2020

Celebrating Thanksgiving During 2020, while Processing Grief Op-Ed by Hector Diaz, Bereavement Coordinator November 25, 2020 When pandemic lockdowns first took effect in...