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About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2012, Healing Care Hospice is a mission-oriented and values-based provider comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals devoted to making an impact on our families and helping our partners achieve their goals through a relentless pursuit of quality care, customer service, professional development, and a thoughtful approach to everything we do.

We are attuned to the needs of managed care providers and work closely with some of the largest managed care groups in Southern California. To meet the unique needs of our managed care partners, we have developed three specialized programs to deliver enhanced care and service: Mi Amado, End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and Transitional Palliative Care.

Headquartered in Downey, we deliver care across Southern California markets with our field office in Simi Valley. Healing Care Hospice is Medicare-certified and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC).

What Sets Healing Care Hospice Apart?

It all starts with our people. Our team consists of inspiring, dedicated medical professionals who want to make a positive and lasting impact on the families under our care. We empower our team to provide progressive hospice care, which means we have more flexibility to offer clinical care that families and providers may request. Our three signature programs—Mi Amado, Palliative Transitional Care, and ESRD—offer specialized support for patient populations with unique needs. And our culture, focused on patient care, teamwork, and professional development, is the binder that allows our care team to consistently provide outstanding care and service.