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Why Work at Healing Care?

Opportunity for Meaningful Work

Our goal is to create an environment where our staff find honor, purpose, and meaning in their work.

We believe that an inspired hospice interdisciplinary team can accomplish great things throughout their workdays. They can bring healing, peace, and tranquility to our patient’s and family’s lives. They can support their colleagues and create bonds that fill their days with comradery and kinship; and they can be a source of strength, knowledge, and hope to their communities.

As such, we challenge our hospice and palliative care team to be the most powerful and truest version of themselves; to approach each day as a series of ephemeral opportunities to make a lasting impact on our patients and their families; to be resiliently positive, yet human; and to embrace the intersection between their internal spiritual journey, their work as hospice providers, and their roles in the community.

Only then can we empower our patients and their families to shift their perspective away from what they have lost, towards what they can realistically accomplish today. Released from anger, fear, regret, and resentment, today holds an infinite set of joyous possibilities.

We challenge our patients, families, and staff to find meaning in their lives; comfort in their relationships; and satisfaction in their contributions. When this is possible, the impact is profound.

Unmatched Training

We believe that inspiring and dedicated people without strong clinical, patient-care, and customer service skills will not be able to make the impact they seek. As such, we are big believers in continuous and ongoing mentorship, training, and development.

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We train our staff of hospice volunteers, administrators, social workers, nurses, medical directors, managers, coordinators, physicians, and aides extensively so they are skilled and confident clinically, but also in their ability to think critically, solve challenging problems, resolve difficult issues, and connect with families. Our staff receive training across multiple platforms to ensure they are ready to provide outstanding care.

Staff receive, on average, two to three months of training.

Our training modalities include one-on-one training with a clinical manager, eLearning, classroom training, skills lab, mentorship, and shadowing.

We continually develop and update our own proprietary training materials so the material is engaging, fresh, and original.

We employ a large team of clinical hospice managers, and our manager-to-staff ratios are among the best in the industry. This means more clinical direction, more mentorship, more support, and more ongoing training.

Inspiring Culture

Healing Care Hospice is a collection of very inspiring and dedicated people who strive to provide the very best care possible; who see hospice as a calling and a privilege; who want to know and feel that their efforts have made an impact on the patients and families under our care; who are driven by exceptionally high standards and expect nothing less from themselves or their colleagues; and who strive each day to be better than the last through constant learning, mentorship, and training.

Preserving our unique culture has been an invaluable factor in our growth and success. We put patient care first; we offer service to others as a reward unto itself; we see the company as a platform where amazing people can lead inspiring careers; we demand dedication and devotion to high standards; we reward collaboration, teamwork, and comradery; and we make available constant learning and professional development.

Great Benefits

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Competitive Pay

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Locations to Work

Map of in home hospice care locations Los Angeles, near Simi Valley and Downey.


With two offices to serve you, we cover a broad geographic area including all of Los Angeles County as well as reaching as far east as Riverside and San Bernardino counties, and as far south as South Orange county communities. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure the best in-home and out-of-home care, whenever it is needed. ¡Y hablamos Español!

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