What is our formula for delivering great care?

We have not developed any proprietary technology, nor do we offer any cutting-edge products. Even the parameters of the hospice services we do provide are largely dictated to us by our largest funding source, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Instead, we focus on filling up our team with outstanding people, inspiring them to live and work by a common set of values, continuously training them so they are skilled and confident, and challenging them to make an impact.

We work very hard to attract health care professionals—physicians, nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, community liaisons, and support staff—who are kind and compassionate. We are especially enamored by people who are actively engaged in their communities, and we encourage and celebrate their community involvement.

Beyond all of the regulations, policies, and protocols that govern our daily work, our employees are guided by a set of core values: love, service, impact, learning, compliance, and diversity. Learn more about our values.

We emphasize continuous training and education to ensure that our people have the skills necessary to provide outstanding care. And we strive to create a collegial work environment that emphasizes teamwork and puts patient care first.

Importantly, we shun business decisions that put our staff in ethically compromising situations because we believe that you cannot build a values-based organization when the company makes compromised decisions.   

With this foundation, we empower our people to embrace the principle of service throughout their workdays, and throughout their lives. Above all else, our collective goal is to provide great customer service, consistently, over time. This is our formula for delivering great care.