We strive to make an impact. That is our unifying aspiration. Importantly, the impact we make on our patients and their families, in turn, also changes us. It is a circle of energy. We are humbled by it; we are energized by it.

So that are ready for this experience, we challenge our staff to be the most powerful and truest version of themselves; to approach each day as a series of ephemeral opportunities to make a lasting impact on our patients and their families; to be resiliently positive, yet human; and to embrace the intersection between their internal spiritual journey, their work as hospice providers, and their roles in the community.

Only then can we empower our patients and their families to shift their perspective away from what they have lost, towards what they can realistically accomplish today. Released from anger, fear, regret, and resentment, today holds an infinite set of joyous possibilities. We encourage our patients and their families to forgive, and to ask for forgiveness; to say thank you, and to be willing to hear it said by others. We challenge our patients to find meaning in their lives; comfort in their relationships; and satisfaction in their contributions.

This is the impact we seek.